About The Un-Road Trip

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About The Un-Road Trip

The Un-Road Trip is a series about Boaz Frankel’s car-free adventure across the United States. Boaz and his friends take a fun look at an amazing journey that covered 12,000 miles, 101 modes of transportation and 32 states… all without an automobile. Get a close-up view of the country, meet innovative people, learn about crazy inventions and explore the choices that are making alternative transportation a reality.


Total # of Episodes: 4 Season 1, Episodes: 4 Length of Episodes: 42 min Genre: Reality Series Ratings: G Format: HD Status: Library - Halogen IMDb Page


Boaz Frankel (Host):
Boaz Frankel curates a kazoo museum in South Carolina, has surveyed wombat burrows in the Australian bush, and he’s a Guinness World Record Holder for high-fiving. He has also been making documentaries and TV shows since 2001. Boaz has never owned a car, though he recently has been thinking about buying a bright yellow electric-assist recumbent tricycle.