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About The Cowboy Way

The Cowboy Way sets the stage for real-life cowboy adventures. This one-hour series follows three modern-day cowboys – Bubba, Cody, and Booger – as they build their business in south Alabama herding cattle, breaking horses and tilling fields. The Old West meets the Deep South with these buddies who live by a cowboy code that is as important to them today as it was to those who first tamed the Old West. They work hard, play hard and depend on each other. They love their families and the rugged life they’ve chosen. Their days may not be easy, but these three friends wouldn’t have it any other way.


Total # of Episodes: 75 Season 1, Episodes: 9 Standard and 1 Special Season 2, Episodes: 8 Standard Season 3, Episodes: 9 StandardSeason 4 , Episodes: 9 StandardSeason 5 , Episodes: 9 StandardSeason 6 , Episodes: 9 StandardSeason 7 , Episodes: 12 Standard Length of Episodes: 43 min Genre: Reality Series Ratings: G Format: HD Status: Current IMDb Page


Bubba Thompson:
If there’s a problem, Bubba will figure out what caused it, and how to fix it. Ranching is in his blood and in his heart. He’s also a talented carpenter. Though he’s practical, Bubba is not above a good prank. Knowing Cody is afraid of the dark, he once locked him in his trailer after roping practice one night. Rumor has it Cody still thinks the wind swung the door shut. Bubba is married to Kaley who have a baby daughter, Andie.
Cody Harris:
Cody is a longtime pro-rodeo, calf-roping competitor, with more than a few championship buckles. He is deeply rooted in rodeo life. Now retired from competition, and having sold his prized horse, he keeps his hand in the game as a rodeo producer, including the annual “Bulls on the Beach” rodeo in Orange Beach, Alabama. Cody is married to Misty, a champion barrel racer from Mississippi. He and Misty have a baby boy, Carter.
Booger Brown:
Booger grew up on the family farm, and has been a rancher his entire life. He is also an accomplished horseman and renowned horse trainer whose natural instincts allow him to “think like a horse.” Booger has a fun-loving personality and is often quick to joke around with his best buddies. After several “adventures” in dating, including a less than successful online match, Booger met Jaclyn in a blind date arranged by Misty.