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About Surf Life

Surfer Hagan Kelly takes us on the road to exotic discovery in the series Surf Life . A self-proclaimed “wavehunter,” Hagan travels to secret hotspots in the British Virgin Islands, San Juan, Aguadilla, Trinidad/Tobago and California in search of epic waves and meets some professional and unsung surfing heroes who give back. Along the way, we learn that the surfing lifestyle is just as much about the local community as it is the waves it craves.


Total # of Episodes: 5 Season 1, Episodes: 5 Length of Episodes: 22 min Genre: Pop Culture Ratings: G Format: HD Status: Library - Halogen IMDb Page


Hagan Kelly (Host):
Hagan Kelley was born in Kahana, Maui, and started surfing on North Shore, Oahu, in ’87. He surfed professionally on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Pro World Tour between ‘98 and ’01 before entering a career in journalism. He worked as editor for Surfing Magazine from ‘03-’06, and in ’08 he co-founded a surfboard and apparel company called SUPERbrand. He currently works to build the brand, but he still makes time to get out on the waves alone or with a close friend and says, “It’s the spirit of adventure that makes surfing such a rewarding sport.”