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About Jump Shipp

Motivational speaker and Millennial Guru Josh Shipp interrupts the lives of those who are stuck in a rut. Uncovering the obstacle that holds them back (whether it be fear, insecurity, or even family) is the key to getting started. Josh pairs each contestant with a mentor and pushes them through one challenge after another to see if they have what it takes to jump out of their dead-end job and follow their dreams or if they’ll take the bag of money and run.


Total # of Episodes: 10 Season 1, Episodes: 10 Length of Episodes: 22 min Genre: Pop Culture Ratings: G Format: HD Status: Library - Halogen IMDb Page


Josh Shipp:
Josh Shipp has been named by CNN as a “Young Person Who Rocks,” and was listed on INC. Magazine’s “30 under 30” list. He is also the author of The Teen’s Guide to World Domination (St. Martin’s Press). Josh has established an international reputation as a teen communication expert. He’s spoken at Harvard University, Stanford, UCLA, M.I.T. and to over 1.5 million teenagers live. He is a recognized teen expert for such media outlets as MTV, CNN, and FOX. Josh offers up a healthy dose of advice that he calls “in your face, but on your side.”