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About Handcrafted America

Host, Jill Wagner, travels the country to seek out talented artisans who make products the traditional way...with their own two hands. In every half-hour episode, Jill meets three gifted craftsmen and gets a behind the scenes look at how they created their products. Along the way, viewers learn about the history and cultural heritage that inspire and influence the design of their handcrafted products.


Total # of Episodes: 42 Season 1, Episodes: 13Season 2, Episodes: 13Season 3, Episodes: 13 Length of Episodes: 22 min, Specials: 43 min Genre: Reality Series Ratings: G Format: HD Status: Library IMDb Page


Jill Wagner:
Although she now lives in Los Angeles, Jill Wagner is a small-town girl at heart. She was born in Winston-Salem, NC, where she was raised by her grandmother and father, a local tire shop owner. She attended North Carolina State University, where she graduated Sigma Cum Laude in Business. Today, she is best known for her sideline reporting on ABC’s Wipeout. Her diverse body of work includes a recurring role on MTV’s Teen Wolf, guest starring roles on shows like Bones and Monk and a stint as the Lincoln Mercury spokesperson. When not filming, Jill travels back home to North Carolina where her father and grandmother continue to be a driving force in her life. Jill is actively involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a charitable cause which is near and dear to her heart, as both her cousin and a good friend were stricken with Leukemia at an early age.