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About Brush of Honor

Join artist, Phil Taylor, on his mission to pay tribute to America’s fallen soldiers. In each episode, Phil embarks on a journey to learn as much as he can about a particular service member in order to accurately reflect the fallen hero’s true spirit in a hand-painted original portrait. He visits the soldier’s hometown, meeting with family members, friends and comrades. Through this process, he gains a clearer understanding of what leads these young men and women to serve and lay down their lives for our country. Phil ultimately honors the young soldier by presenting the finished portrait to the family in an emotional and heartwarming tribute. This series is narrated by Gary Sinise.


Total # of Episodes: 10 Season 1, Episodes: 10 Length of Episodes: 22 min Genre: Reality Series Ratings: PG Format: HD Status: Library IMDb Page


Phil Taylor:
An artist with an almost psychic-like gift for bringing people to life through portraiture. He strives to paint more than an accurate likeness; his goal is to create a “portal” that allows the family to connect directly with their loved one. In addition to painting the portrait, Phil recognizes that this is an “experience” for the family, and he readily plays the part and engages with the families.
Lisa Taylor:
Phil may be the “face” of the American Fallen Soldiers Project, but Lisa is the behind-the-scenes dynamo who makes it all work. She and her team are responsible for the thousands of logistics involved in selecting the fallen soldiers to paint and orchestrating an unforgettable presentation, filled with personal touches that add to the goal of bringing the soldiers home to their families. She is also the only person who can keep Phil on task so that the paintings are completed in time.
Gary Sinise (Narrator):
Forrest Gump, CSI: NY