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About The Warrant

Civil War hero Sheriff John Breaker and his son reunite to arrest Union Army friend “The Saint.” Now a fierce gang leader, his raids threaten to bring the country back into conflict. The Warrant is a thrilling, action-packed adventure.


Release Date: 2020 Genre: Western, Action Minutes: Ratings: PG-13 Format: HD Status: Current IMDb Page


Neal McDonough as John BreakerSteven R. McQueen as Cal BreakerCasper Van Dien as Virgil St. Denis ("The Saint")Annabeth Gish as Bonnie BreakerGregory Cruz as BugleGregory Perrow as Deputy ShanksRoxanna Dunlop as Stacey SnyderEsteban Cueto as AnvilTrace Cheramie as George Washington Jr. Greg Alan Williams as Tucker MacreadyDaniel Norris as HoltIsaiah Stratton as Franklin YorkChristie McNab as Abigail AbingtonMichael McDonough as Perkins St. DennisDrew Waters as Jeremiah HandleBrian Durkin as BlackjackDavis Osborne as RuckusMichael Ruff as CletusJohn Enos as Bobby the BearJustin Torrence as Ambrose