About The Legend of 5 Mile Cave

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About The Legend of 5 Mile Cave

A boy enchanted with tales from the Old West unlocks a mystery that could save their family farm. While his widowed mother struggles to avoid foreclosure, a mysterious stranger arrives looking for a room to rent. A bond with the boy grows as the drifter recounts breathtaking stories of Shooter Green, a legendary gunslinger accused of Arizona’s biggest gold robbery. The truth is revealed, along with the secret of the drifter’s past when a crooked lawman appears, hot on the trail of the stolen gold. Past and present collide in this tale of action, adventure and drama. Stars Adam Baldwin (The Last Ship, Full Metal Jacket, The Patriot), Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan, Soul Surfer), Jill Wagner (Braven, Christmas Cookies), and Jet Jurgensmeyer (Last Man Standing, American Sniper).


Release Date: 2019 Genre: Western Minutes: 90 min Ratings: PG-13 Format: HD Status: Recent IMDb Page


Adam Baldwin as Sam BarnesSerenity, Independence Day, Full Metal JacketJeremy Sumpter as "Shooter" GreenPeter Pan, Friday Night Lights, Into the StormJill Wagner as Susan TilwickyHandcrafted America, Teen Wolf, SplinterJet Jurgensmeyer as Tommy TilwickyAmerican Sniper, Ferdinand, Last Man Standing