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About Legal Action

Big-city lawyer Casey McKay (Eric Close), a winner with a long hot streak, didn’t expect the mysterious text from his ex-wife, Pru (Tanya Clarke), about her brother, Jay. No stranger to being on the wrong side of the law, Jay is accused of murdering a District Attorney. Casey takes the case, but soon discovers this will be no ordinary legal defense. Teaming up with eccentric ex-marine turned motel owner and P.I. “Ex” Clemens (Nick Searcy), he discovers a web of conspiracy that puts him face-to-face with the town’s most greedy and corrupt land developer, Mr. Gates (Tommy Flanagan). As Casey begins to unravel the truth, he finds himself fighting for his former brother-in-law’s life, as well as his own.


Release Date: 2018 Genre: Action, Drama, Crime Minutes: 90 min Ratings: PG-13 Format: HD Status: Library IMDb Page


Eric Close as Casey McKayNashville, Without a Trace, American SniperTommy Flanagan as Mr. GatesSons of Anarchy, Braveheart, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Nick Searcy as Solomon "Ex" ClemonsJustified, The Shape of Water, Cast AwayTanya Clarke as Pru ChambersA Beautiful Mind, Guiding Light, Glee