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About Blue Ridge

A murder in a sleepy town at the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains refuels a longtime feud between two of the community’s most powerful clans. The new sheriff, ex-Green Beret Justin Wise, who came to Blue Ridge to get a fresh start with his daughter and ex-wife, quickly realizes there is much more to this place than meets the eye. As he and his two deputies start investigating, every clue leads them to a new suspect. Suddenly, Sheriff Wise finds himself in a race against time to solve the murder before ‘mountain justice’ takes over, and the townspeople take the law into their own hands.


Release Date: 2020 Genre: Action, Crime, Drama Minutes: 90 Ratings: PG Format: HD Status: Current IMDb Page


Johnathon Schaech as Sheriff Justin WiseLara Silva as Deputy Becky DobsonBen Esler as Deputy ThompsonSarah Lancaster as Elli WiseTaegen Burns as Maddie WiseTom Proctor as Jeremiah WadeLaura Carbonell as Vivan McGrath-KeaganGraham Greene as "Old Man" Cliff McGrathKevin L. Johnson as Lem KeaganDanny Vinson as Harvey HarrisonSallye Hooks as Penny HarrisonOdessa Sykes as Mayor Katherine BradyJeffrey Cole as Jim PierceTonya Bludsworth as Nancy PierceRyan Dinning as Clerk (Paul Block)